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Eric Brill is a Senior Researcher in the Machine Learning and Applied Statistics Group, Microsoft Research .


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About Me:  I joined Microsoft in July, 1999.  Prior to joining Microsoft Research, I was a faculty member of the Department of Computer Science and the Center for Language and Speech Processing, Johns Hopkins University.  Before going to Johns Hopkins, I was a Research Scientist in the Spoken Language Systems Group, in the Laboratory for Computer Science, at MIT.  And prior to that, I was a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science at U.Penn

The primary goal of my research is to make information access and the use of computing devices a natural and painless task.  As a step towards this goal, we are trying to make computers proficient at processing human language.  We are pursuing a line of research that falls under the rubric of Empirical Natural Language Processing: trying to get a computer to automatically or semi-automatically learn linguistic and world knowledge from on-line resources.  I was the co-editor of a special issue of AI Magazine on this topic, which has some excellent introductory articles for anybody who wants to learn more about this field.  There are also two very nice textbooks on Empirical NLP: Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing, by Manning and Schutze and Speech and Language Processing, by Jurafsky and Martin.

In a previous life I wanted to be a starving writer.  If you'd like to read some of my stories (and see how fortunate I was not to have chosen to live off of my creative writing [in]abilities), go HERE (not yet).

I had worked for years to hone my creative portraiture skills.  To learn more about creative portraiture and see samples of my work, click HERE.

I'm sad to say I've recently halted my artistic endeavors in creative portraiture.  In the end, I found I had outgrown the medium and needed to move on to greater challenges in order to expand and hone my artistic creativity.  After drudging through artistic purgatory for months, unable to find a medium capable of serving as a suitable conduit for my artistic -- dare I say -- brilliance, I finally settled on comic strips, perhaps the ultimate artistic form.  Where else can both art and language, the spatial and linguistic, comingle to such an awe-inspiring affect?  To see a sample of my work, click HERE.

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You can still get my part of speech tagger HERE.  Please carefully read the copyright and readme documents that are included in the distribution.  Some other code (unsupervised learning for pos tagging, pp attachment program) is available from my old Johns Hopkins web page .