Dependency-Based Approaches to Natural Language Syntax


Welcome to the "Dependency-Based Approaches to Natural Language Syntax" website, or DG Website in short. As the title already indicates, this website  is dedicated to linguistic approaches to the description and analysis of natural language syntax in terms of  `dependency' :  dependency grammars.

What is "Dependency"?

Informally and roughly put, a dependency-based perspective is constituted by distinguishing a head/dependent asymmetry, and describing the relations between a head and its dependents in terms of semantically motivated dependency relations. Ever since Antiquity, this perspective has been prevalent in linguistics, or -broadly- theories on the nature of natural language. And even though modern-day linguistics is predominantly oriented at constituency, various concepts that are employed in constituency-based approaches to natural language syntax can be traced back to the dependency-based theories. For example, GB's theta-frames and HPSG subcategorization lists closely resemble valency frames, whereas the head/dependency-asymmetry forms the core of HPSG, and can be found in various guises in categorial grammar.  (See the FAQ for more.)

What is this website for, then?

We have created this website with the intention to provide a "central" place where those interested in, possibly even working on, dependency-based approaches to syntax can find more information. More specifically, this website has the following regions:

What is new ? (October 18, 1999)

Following up on some feedback obtained from the DG-LIST, several more links have been added to the Researchers and Groups page. Also, there is a link to a vast bibliography on Dependency Grammar literature - see the Bibliography page.
Last updated: October 18, 1999