Randy J. LaPolla [罗仁地]教授讲座

演讲题目:Describing Word Order [论词序的描写]
讲者:Randy J. LaPolla [罗仁地]教授

讲者简介:澳大利亚拉筹伯大学 (La Trobe University) 语言学系讲座教授、主任,主要研究方向为汉藏语系历史语言学、语用学、语言类型学。主要著作包括:
• Language Variation: Papers on variation and change in the Sinosphere and in the Indosphere in honour of James A. Matisoff, edited by David Bradley, Randy LaPolla, Boyd Michailovsky & Graham Thurgood. Canberra: Australian National University, 2003.
• A Grammar of Qiang, with Annotated Texts and Glossary (Mouton Grammar Library), by Randy J. LaPolla, with Chenglong Huang. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2003.
• The Sino-Tibetan Languages, edited by Graham Thurgood & Randy J. LaPolla. London: Routledge, 2003.
• Rawang Texts, with Grammatical Analysis and English Translation, by Randy J. LaPolla & Dory Poa. Berlin: LINCOM EUROPA, 2001.
• Syntax: Structure, Meaning, and Function, by Robert D. Van Valin, Jr. & Randy J. LaPolla. Cambridge University Press, 1997.
• Grammatical Relations in Chinese: Synchronic and Diachronic Considerations. PhD dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, 1990.
• Linguistics East and West: Sino-Tibetan, Tai, and American Indian, recorded and edited by Ning-ping Chan & Randy J. LaPolla. Transcript of our interviews with Prof. Fang-Kuei Li to record his oral history. Published by the Regional Oral History Office, a department of the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, 1989.


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