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Exciting New Papers on Language and Linguistics of China from Lingua Sinica

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We are proud to announce the publication of the first articles of Lingua Sinica, the first Open Access international journal dedicated to languages and linguistics of China. The five inaugural articles cover a range of key areas of research in Chinese linguistics taking empirical approaches with inter-disciplinary perspectives. Chu-Ren Huang, in a tribute to the 60thanniversary of Y.R. Chao’s seminal paper, ‘Notes on Chinese Grammar and Logic’, introduces the ontological concept of endurant/perdurant to account for the grammatical category system of classifier in Chinese. Jingxia Lin proposes a Motion Morpheme Hierarchy for Mandarin Chinese verb compounds that predicts the order of verbal morphemes in motion constructions as found in natural Chinese corpora. Sze Wing Tang examines utterance particles in Mandarin and Cantonese, and tag statements in English, to argue for a generalized syntactic schema in which sentence final expressions are not heads. Zhiguo Xie looks at the epistemic and metaphysical readings of non-root modals in English (e.g., John might have won…) to elucidate the phenomena of backshifting in temporal perspective as found with Mandarin aspectual adverbs like 仍reng and 還 hai. Finally, Henry Y. Chang analyzes the Austronesian ‘focus/voice’ system according to the Minimalist Program’s phase theory to address the extraction of internal arguments of Tsou applicatives.

Lingua Sinica第一期出刊了!现在就到查阅内容。
全球第一本采取「开放访问下载」(Open Access),针对中国境内语言理论及使用的国际期刊 Lingua Sinica现已发行。我们收到众多国际知名学者投稿,并精选五篇研究论文,分别探讨汉语、粤语、邹语。每篇都有独特新见解,值得细读!

黄居仁对赵元任教授之 “Notes on Chinese Grammar and Logic”问世六十周年的礼赞;将知识本体论(ontology)引入中文语言学研究,并以endurant/perdurant概念区隔来解释汉语量词的语法系统与语法语意对比。

林静夏针对中文动词复合词提出移动词素阶层模型(Motion Morpheme Hierarchy),预测移动构式(motion constructions)动词词素的词序,并以语料库验证。



张永利根据最简方案之语段理论(phase theory),研究南岛语言之「焦点/语态」系统,并进一步探索邹语双系式(applicatives)之内部论元。

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